How Do You Get People to Advertise on Your Podcast?

How Do You Get People to Advertise on Your Podcast?

You might be thinking how can you look for sponsorship to advertise on your podcast. Actually, you can run your sponsorships in a variety of ways, one of which is by finding advertisers through your podcast host. Do you want to learn how? Then keep reading? Get Your Free Podcast Checklist.

Podcast hosts like Libsyn and Blubrry, for example, frequently contact shows hosted on their service with advertising opportunities.

They usually do this only if your show is in a genre of podcasts that an advertiser is interested in, or if your show has a lot of downloads.

The advantage of selling your ad spaces in this manner is that the advertising is coordinated through the host, but the disadvantage is that they take a cut of the sale.

How to Sell Advertising Spots?

You can always sell the ad spots yourself, but finding a sponsor can be difficult. If you want to go this route, it’s a good idea to listen to other podcasts in your niche to see who the advertisers are, then contact the company’s public relations or marketing team to see if they’re interested in sponsoring your show.

Because many people are unfamiliar with what a podcast is and how it works, it’s usually easier to find an advertiser who already invests in podcast advertising.

Also consider sponsors who aren’t niche-specific but advertise on podcasts regularly.

Finally, if you are not in a hurry to sell your ad spots, you can always wait for advertisers to come to you. They will most likely come knocking if your show has a high iTunes rating. Advertisers who simply discovered the show and inquired about advertising on it have contacted me a few times.

Some Tips for Choosing an Advertiser

If you’ve listened to tens of thousands of podcasts in the last few years, or if you’ve been a podcaster for a long time, you’re well aware that bad advertising can kill a listener base. Take into account the following ideas:

  • Only advertise for businesses that are relevant to your niche. Many listeners dislike advertisements for companies like payday loan companies or online casinos, and if it isn’t related to your topic, it could be a major distraction from the show.
  • S. is detectable by listeners. from a distance of a mile Your listeners will smell it out if you can’t wholeheartedly recommend a company or if you don’t use it yourself. Learn to love the product or service before you promote it. If you can’t, you’ll have to look for a new advertiser.
  • Limit yourself to two podcast advertisements per episode. I’ve never found a podcast with more than two advertisements that I could listen to for an extended period of time.

Attracting Advertisers with Enough Downloads

Release shows in multiple formats are one of the things that have dramatically increased the number of downloads get. All of the shows are now available as podcasts, videos on YouTube, and Facebook Live events.

When you switched to this strategy, your downloads nearly tripled overnight, but you haven’t seen anyone else using it.

Create a 3.5-hour audio course in which you demonstrate the exact strategies you use to you’re your podcasts.

This is NOT a basic tutorial on “how to make a podcast,” which you can find on YouTube for free. These are the strategies for attracting advertisers and making a living from your podcasts and websites.

How Much Money Can a Podcast Advertisement Really Make You?

Advertisers must order both the pre-roll and mid-roll for each show, according to the majority of podcasters. So, per thousand downloads of your podcast, it’ll cost you $18 + $25 = $43 (US).

In terms of listenership, podcasts vary dramatically, but a good starting point is 2,000 monthly downloads for a smaller or newer show. 6,000 downloads per episode are typical for podcasts that are moderately active in terms of publishing and have a decent listenership.

An episode of a popular show on iTunes could receive anywhere from 15,000 to 75,000 downloads per episode.

Two advertisements would bring in $1,978 per episode if your show averages 24,000 downloads per episode. That means your show would earn $15,824 per month if you released two episodes per week and had two advertisers per show (which is typical).

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