How To Find Guests For Your Podcast Interview

How To Find Guests For Your Podcast Interview

An interview-style podcast is by far the best conversational type of podcast listeners love to engage with. An interview-style podcast relieves stress as the interviewee, not the host, shoulders much of the work. Get Your Free Podcast Checklist.

It’s also one of the best ways to learn certain things you would have paid to learn during consultation for free.

Consequent to this, many podcasters seek to adopt this style of podcasting rather than a solo podcast. Although podcasters appreciate this podcast style, it has its cons: finding a high-profile guest for your show.

This has posed a problem for new podcasters looking to invite a guest for their podcast show. If you are literally in a tight spot like this, read this article and figure out simple ways to find a guest for your podcast show.

Attract interview guests through Cold Emailing

Sending an email is the newest way of reaching out to the audience in the marketing world. However, as a Podcaster looking to invite a guest to your podcast show, leveraging this method is voted one of the best ways to reach out to guests.

You can send messages to different guests you want to have in your show through this cold email without meeting them firsthand.

The simplest way to achieve this is by scouring different directories, blogs, and websites and obtaining guests’ email addresses. When you must have gained their email address, write a captivating pitch to them about your show and how you would love to have them as your guest.

Sometimes, most guests you emailed might reply or not reply to your message. But there are high chances of getting feedback if your pitch is captivating enough.

Attend Conferences And Social Events

Attending conferences or social functions is the best traditional networking means, and I honestly advocate for it. When you attend events like this, you are one step away from meeting with high-profile individuals you can invite to your podcast show.

When you come to places like this, don’t isolate nor sit ideally staring at people. Try to blend in and kick-start a conversation with some people.

Let them know about your show but don’t be in a hurry to invite them as your guest; rather, create a strong connection with them first.

When you have created a good connection with them, you can then invite them to your podcast as your guest.

Many entrepreneurs and podcasters were able to advance their businesses and attain their first podcast guest through this traditional means; thus, you will get your first podcast guest easily by adopting this method.

Send Direct Message On Social Media

You hardly ever see someone that’s not on social media lately. If you have someone in mind, you would like to invite as your guest for your podcast show, find out their social media handle and send them a direct message.

High-profile individuals are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Through these social media platforms, you can send them a message regarding your podcast and how you would love to have them as your guest.

If you are a loyal follower, you will get feedback from them.

Leverage Your Connection And Friends

Before starting your podcast show, you might have friends you can start with as your first podcast guest. Get that friend you have who is knowledgeable about your topic of discussion, get them on board, and interview them.

Also, if you have been in the field for a long time, you must have connected with different people you can invite as your guest.

Make New Connections

People get to the top with the help of others. You can’t single-handedly reach the top without having to make connections with different people both online and offline.

However, you can sit comfortably at your home and connect with people in different places using your smartphone and internet access.

Create social media handles, send requests to people, always like and share valuable comments on other people’s posts, and share meaningful information in your feed. Get your word out and familiarize yourself with different people.

Inviting guests to your podcast show will not be a daunting task when you must have made a name using this strategy.

Search For Guest Through Podcast Guest Service

Most podcasters employ this method to get guests for their podcast shows. This service basically helps podcasters connect with guests they would like to invite to their podcast show.

All you need to do is go to Google and search for podcast guest services; different options will pop out; thus, you make your choice. Connect with the guest and broach your podcast topic with them.

Nab Guest Through Your Website

Ensure your website contains details about you. Your email, the name of your podcast show, and your niche. This is because most guests looking for invitations usually scour podcasters’ websites and drill details about them.

If they are interested in your topic, they will email you requesting an invitation to your podcast, where they can share their bank of knowledge with listeners.

Ask For Referrals from those you know

Most guests are already high-profile individuals, and as such, they have connections with other people that you can invite to your show.

When you are done interviewing your current guest, ask them for referrals of colleagues and other high-profile individuals that can guest feature your podcast. Through this referral, you will not find it difficult to scramble for guests for your podcast.

Concluding Note On How To Get Guests For Your Podcast Interview.

There are different avenues you can invite a guest for your podcast interview, although it may seem daunting. But hosting an interview-style podcast will help to maximize your visibility and help you reach a wide range of listeners.

Adopting some of the tactics mentioned above would be easy to get guests for your podcast. However, always determine the type of podcast you host and how much value a guest could bring to your listeners. This boils down to inviting highly knowledgeable guests on a particular topic you want to broach.

If you find any value in this post, share also with your friends who might need it. Get Your Free Podcast Checklist.

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