The theme of my books mainly revolves around my childhood experience in Africa and my immigration journey to Europe. Lately, I have written more about immigrant experiences than any other topic and it’s likely going to be the main topic of my future writings.

How I started to write is a little long, a story, so I will advice you to read it in what I called “The Why of My Projects”. It’s available on our main project page,

List of books

  • Underdevelopment In Africa, My Hands Are Clean
  • AMENDE, The stream water
  • AMENDE, Acqua Di Fiume
  • Still Owing Me Goodbye
  • Mi Devi Ancora Un Addio
  • The Colour Of Our children
  • The Colour Of Our children
  • Il Colore Dei Nostri Figli
  • THE JOURNEY, Africani A Verona
  • The Lions Of Africa
  • LONE WOLF, Story of Adventure Identity and Coming of Age