What to include on your podcast website?

What to include on your podcast website?

You have made a fantastic podcast, congratulations! But now you’ll need something more to go along with that fantastic podcast: a fantastic podcast website. You want your podcast’s listeners to be able to get all of the information they need about your podcast in one place. All of those components would be ideal for a podcast website. Get Your Free Podcast Checklist.

One of the most significant considerations for a podcast’s website is what a new listener — or someone discovering your podcast for the first time — will take away from their first encounter with your website.

With this in mind, consider these ideas to be a type of checklist for covering all of your bases when it comes to greeting new visitors to your podcast’s website, whether it’s a standalone site or part of your overall online presence.

Podcast description

Don’t presume that people who visit your website already know what your program is about. Take advantage of this chance to offer a brief elevator pitch for your podcast. There’s no reason to supply too much information or to write many paragraphs. It does not have to be a lengthy essay. A handful of phrases to a paragraph should suffice – even the description you provide in your preferred listening app should serve.

Consider this your elevator pitch to potential listeners. It’s a synopsis of what to anticipate from the broadcast that also encourages people to listen and subscribe.

Bonus tip: You may consider creating a “Get to Know Me” video to post on your website. This is a great method for consumers to get to know the person behind the microphone and give a personal touch to your website.

Podcasting platform links

One of the most important reasons to create a podcast website is to provide all of your audience’s listening options in one spot. People typically do not want to (and frequently do not) take the effort to look for your podcast on their favorite podcasting site.

However, if you have a list of links to each of the platforms, your listener just needs to click one button.

The simpler you make things for people, the more inclined they are to listen to your podcast. Always keep in mind that your aim when promoting your podcast is to get listeners to their favorite podcasting site as fast as possible.

Episode audio player

Make sure that the first thing your listeners see is an audio player at the top of the page. If they press the play button, your most recent episode will begin playing immediately. This is an excellent approach to gaining new listeners.

As previously said, most individuals will not go to great lengths to find and listen to a new show. However, if they have the choice to begin listening immediately from your podcast website, they may get addicted. Once they’re hooked, they’ll be far more likely to follow the link to their favorite podcasting platform and continue listening (and probably subscribe!).

Don’t forget that someone who has never listened to your podcast before needs a simple method to begin. So, choose a few episodes from your program that best reflect it. Set aside space in your layout to highlight these episodes.

Links to your social media

Social media is an excellent method to engage with your listeners, but you don’t want them to have difficulty locating you on the numerous social media sites you use. That is why it is usually a good idea to include links to all of your social media profiles on your podcast website.

Email List Sign-up form

A website not only serves as a repository for all of your episodes, but it also serves as a tool for obtaining new subscribers and expanding your audience. Use links and official streaming badges throughout your design to direct visitors to the platforms where you’re streaming so they can subscribe.

You can include a block at the top of each page, under each individual episode, or wherever else you see fit. It’s fantastic to attract people to come to your website to listen, but getting them to subscribe is even better.

Also, to increase your show’s downloads, you must also increase your show’s email list. Including an email subscription form on your podcast website allows you to establish a list of devoted listeners. You may now tell listeners when a new episode is available, provide special content, and even advertise a product.

The disadvantage of marketing a product on a podcast is that listeners must go out of their way to visit a website or click on a “buy now” link. However, email marketing allows you to share a link and directly advertise.

Simple navigation

Keep it simple and easy for new visitors to browse your website without being turned off, and you could just have a new listener on your hands.

For instance, if your show has numerous seasons, make those explicit.

Don’t forget to maintain your site as quickly as possible! Reduce the number of photographs in your collection, optimize image file sizes and resolution, and eliminate any unwanted plugins.

Contact page

This is critical. People will naturally begin to contact you as your audience grows. It’s quite exciting to release an episode and then have your inbox fill up with people wanting to ask you about something you said or express their thoughts on something you were discussing. It may even lead to opportunities, either for yourself or your show.

As a result, you must make it simple for individuals to contact you. Yes, you have a social media presence, and all platforms offer messaging options, but you’d be amazed at how many people want to contact you or send a message through your website.

Show notes

You’ll probably discuss subjects that people want to know more about when you record your program. Here’s when a show notes page comes in handy. To get the most SEO value out of each episode, provide links to the websites you mention, information on where people can learn more about your guests, and even a transcript.

We do recommend, however, that you keep the URL of each show notes page simple and easy to remember.

You may also utilize your show notes pages to include opt-in forms for any competitions you may run in the corresponding episodes, which will help you increase your email list.

Add reviews

Remember that one of the most important benefits of having a website for your podcast is that it allows you to create relationships with your listeners. And there’s no better way to boost your website’s credibility than to include testimonials and evaluations from your devoted podcast audience.

Whether they are testimonials about services you provide or podcast reviews, having these on your website will assist turn the casual listeners into committed fans.

When people see the value, you’re already providing to others in your community, as well as the real praise or recommendations you’re receiving for your work, it lends validity to your brand and makes the conversion to dedicated followers that much simpler.

Concluding note on What to include on your podcast website

The main message should be to approach your podcast as if it were a brand. Work on establishing your brand as best you can, engaging with your audience as best you can, and provide as much value as you can. These elements will be noticed over time, and your podcast will most likely thrive as a consequence.

Your podcast website should include a description of your podcast, a contact form, and a list of the most recent episodes. It should also have an archive of past episodes sorted by date.

One thing that is crucial when you are building your website is ensuring that visitors to it understand the value of your podcast, especially if they are not yet fully aware of everything it offers.

To make sure your podcast’s website is up to standard, consider these points as a kind of checklist to keep in mind when welcoming visitors: standalone or otherwise

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