Journalism and Creative Storytelling with Roberto Bonzio

Journalism and Creative Storytelling with Roberto Bonzio

Journalism is all about communicating information interestingly and innovatively. However, journalists face a huge challenge. They turn raw data into readable information for reports and articles – or even television and radio channels. Many journalists also speak to sources within their field of expertise.

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Storytelling allows the journalist to give facts a purpose within the context of a narrative that has been created by the journalist, which makes it easier for the reader to understand.

A good journalist isn’t just somebody who covers local issues or political elections. They also have to uphold certain ethical standards when reporting about events that are of journalistic importance, such as referendums, proposed state tax increases, and presidential elections.

Professional journalists detest false news-based content that could cause confusion or undermine public confidence in the media.

All these are more is what we will discuss in today’s episode of Obehi podcast and we are joined by Roberto Bonzio, an Italian journalist with several years of experience.

Some Key Points In This Episode

  • The role of Storytelling in Journalism,
  • How to describe a good Storytelling?
  • Why people should care about the power of storytelling.

The Full Interview With Roberto Bonzio

About The Guest: Roberto Bonzio

As a “Curious Journalist”, free-thinker Roberto Bonzio left the newsroom and a full-time job at the international news agency Reuters in Milan to found “Italiani di Frontiera” (Frontier Italians), an innovative project investigating the secrets of talent conceived as a one-man-band journalistic adventure.

With a strong presence on online and offline media, more than 250 live storytelling events hosted by top companies and institutions in Italy and abroad, a book published in 2015, and inspirational tours across the Silicon Valley for professionals of any industry, Roberto Bonzio has been nominated Alumnus of the Year by Venice University Ca’ Foscari for his original work.

You connect with Roberto Bonzio on his LinkedIn page.

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