How to Sell Your Product Through Podcasting

How to Sell Your Products Through Podcasting

When it comes to planning your next product sales campaign, audio isn’t always at the top of a marketer’s mind, but it should be. According to reports, podcasts are a great way to connect with the end consumer, and the numbers back it up, with 64 percent of Americans saying they have purchased a product or service after hearing about it on an audio show. Get Your Free Podcast Checklist.

Podcasts also can reach consumers at any time and from any location, which is a truly valuable commodity.

When compared to other media formats, audio stands out because of the personal connection it fosters between brand and listener.

Hosts speak directly to their audience, and as a result, consumers feel a stronger sense of connection with the company.

In addition, audiences are much more engaged in the narrative because they are asked to imagine the ideas described rather than being shown the visuals as in a TV commercial, and as a result, they engage with the content differently.

Audio is exciting for brands because it allows them to be more creative. There are numerous ways to develop a strong identity, including narrative style, music clips, and podcast segments. And there are a plethora of ways to sell your product with audio, ranging from a company-branded podcast to having an affiliate sell your product on their podcast.

Here are the various options for selling your product through podcasts, so you can choose the best one for you!

Podcasts on Supply and Demand

Podcasts based on supply and demand are a great way to sell your product, whether it’s a physical item or an information product. If you know what your customers like, you have the power to create a podcast around a topic that’s specific to their interests.

Let’s imagine you run an e-mail marketing company that focuses on design. Using your expertise, you create a podcast that fills a market gap, such as offering digital marketing advice for people in the interiors industry – as a result, you use this podcast to promote your product.

In a supply and demand podcast, you can even sell affiliate products (that aren’t in direct competition with your own), which will help you build strong bonds with people in your industry. In today’s market, affiliate marketing is a critical tool for forming partnerships that help your brand rise to the top of customers’ minds.

Become a Guest on a Podcast

Being a guest on someone’s podcast is another effective way to get your company’s name out there.

You can market yourself and your brand, be seen as an authority in your field and avoid investing the time required for a podcast by appearing as a podcast guest.

You can also use your slot to mention where your products can be purchased, keeping in mind that you don’t want to sound to sales, and if you’re well prepared for an interview, you’ll have the chance to really shine.

You’ll need to spend some time researching podcasts and approaching podcast producers in order to get signed up as a guest on a podcast. Begin by discovering which podcasts your current or target customers are listening to and selecting those that discuss topics that are relevant to your brand.

Podcasts with a Brand Name

Branded podcasts are THE most effective way to sell your brand as a concept and, more importantly, your product. Why?

Given that it takes an average of 25 to 30 times for a consumer to hear a message before engaging, the one-on-one time you get with audio allows you to quickly build a deep connection with your audience – something that is impossible with a 30-second TV commercial. As a result, this marketing strategy has a higher conversion rate of observers to buyers.

The benefits of branded podcasts are twofold: there’s no need to pay for external advertising, and your creative team can let their imaginations run wild when it comes to developing your podcast style! In today’s market, there are many outstanding examples of companies that are dominating their respective industries.

One of them is Starbucks, whose podcast Upstanders is a collection of stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make a difference – the clever part? The mega-brand is immediately associated with charitable activities.

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