Podcast Tools To Level Up

12 Podcast Tools To Level Up In 2022

Do you want to level up your podcast in 2022? Consider the 12 tools we are discussing in this article. They will help you level up your podcast so you can stand out from the noise out there. You don’t need to be tech-savvy before recording or refining your podcast shows. This is what this article will show you. Get Your Free Podcast Checklist.

Entrepreneurs across the world use podcasting as a medium to communicate with their audience by telling their brand’s story in their podcast shows – hence the growth of the industry. The recent statistics by Edison Research prove that 37% of the population enjoys listening to a podcast, resulting in the rapid growth in the podcasting industry.

One major overthought question that beginner Podcasters ask is how they can level up their podcast, knowing that they aren’t adept in tech. The good news is, there are hundreds of equipment and software that you can adopt to pile up your podcast shows without having experience in the technical field.

Are you looking for ways to improve your podcasting business? Or you are probably starting and are confused about the tools you could use to toot your podcast shows – then read this article as I compiled a list of top 12 podcast tools to help you level up in 2022.

Blue Yeti Microphone

Audio recording is the first thing you do, and this requires you to record with recording equipment like a microphone or mixer. Blue Yeti is an excellent microphone that many professionals in the industry use when recording.

With the help of the microphone stand, you can record your voice and that of your co-host efficiently using the microphone without sitting in an uncomfortable position.

Blue Yeti helps filter noise and gives a clear sound that helps the audience understand the value you are giving to them.

All you need to do when recording with is the microphone is to plug the cable to your computer, sit in a suitable position and record your audio. You won’t witness any distortion most microphones have.

Although the microphone is a bit pricey, it is worth the value of the money spent.

Use SoundCloud to your advantage

Sometimes you might want to add music to your podcast, and with SoundCloud, you can easily do that. SoundCloud differs from other podcast hosting sites in a way. The platform is primarily designed for music; notwithstanding, an audio podcast can be hosted there too.

However, hosting your audio content there is somewhat free, but you must create an account before hosting your audio. And for your listeners to gain access to your audio, they also need to have an account before downloading your audio content.

Pro tip: if you choose to be hosting your content on SoundCloud, you have to brand yourself on other platforms like Facebook before redirecting your audience to SoundCloud to access your audio through the search button.

Improve your podcast with Podbean

With Podbean, you are sure to get your podcast up and running. Podbean is one of the best podcast hosting sites, with hundreds of valuable features embedded in it.

The platform allows you to publish your audio content, advertise, monetize your podcast, etc.

It has a free version you could try and see how your podcast will ramp up, especially if you aren’t ready for paid up. Nonetheless, Podbean’s paid plan will suit all marketers on a slim budget, given its low monthly subscription price of $9.

With its paid plan, you can access all its features without restrictions. Easily monetize your podcasts by choosing the monetization methods that soothe your podcast.

Record great interviews with Zoom

Zoom has become arguably one of the best podcast recording tools through the remote working process as different entrepreneurs engage in business meetings using the app.

Aside from using Zoom to host business meetings, podcasters use the app for recording their podcast, after which they syndicate to their audience.

Podcasters also love using Zoom, considering its reasonable monthly subscription price of $14.99. With this paid plan, you can invite many people to a session and record for longer hours.

However, the free zoom version is limited and allows each recording session to last 40 minutes. Download the zoom app on your android, windows, and Mac and enjoy rosy podcast recording.

Level up your podcast editing with Adobe Audition

This is another robust tool you can use to fine-tune your podcast. Adobe Audition is Digital Audio Workstation software that helps you record, edit, and mix all your audio content to be professional.

With Adobe Audition, you can adjust your interview recording and podcast to ensure it’s clean and professional enough for your audience.

It has explicit features which permit multiple track recordings and editing without a hitch. Mostly used by professionals, although if you are on a tight budget working with the tool will be impossible, as its monthly price rate is $20.99.

When you use this software to edit your podcast, your audio content will be flawless.

Create and publish your podcast using Buzzsprout

As most hosting platforms require some technical knowledge, Buzzsprout requires little to none, given its simple user interface(UI).

Buzzsprout saves you time and money. Many people into podcasting have no web design skills; thence, they look for a more user-friendly platform. The good news is, you don’t need much tutoring to start hosting your podcast using Buzzsprout.

Buzzsprout has simple analytic tools you can use to monitor the progress of your podcast by knowing the number of people that clicks your content and their numbers of plays over time. Using Buzzsprout, your podcast will be listed in other podcast directories like Spotify.

Easily create and publish your podcast using Buzzsprout and equally monetize your podcasts through its affiliate marketing strategy. Further, you will get unlimited access to all its features using the paid plan.

Use Ardour software to elevate your podcast

Refine your podcast audio using Ardour software. The software has multiple interfaces where you can undo and redo your podcast until it’s on its absolute standard.

It has a handful of plugins that enables podcasters to edit multiple tracks without restrictions. Record directly using the tool or import an already recorded file for editing.

Ardour Software works in Windows, Linux, or Mac, and it’s free.

Do a great podcast interview with SquadCast

Record your conversation confidently with SquadCast. As the world’s intercourse grows due to internet connectivity, recording a podcast from different locations has become a norm. SquadCast records the conversation between the host and the guest without restrictions or hitch.

All you are required to do is send your custom link to your guest to log in for the meeting using Google Chrome, and then after, you can edit and mix the audio conveniently using other editing tools.

You can invite many people through your conversation link, but you should know that SquadCast works better with the paid plan. That said, SquadCast is one of the best recording tools you can work with.

Use Libsyn for your podcast hosting and monetization

Launch your podcast using Libsyn and have it reach your audience from anywhere. Libsyn is an old yet functional hosting platform that publishes your podcast on your audience’s favorite platforms.

Libsyn offers you detailed statistics on your audience, which enables you to pinpoint the success of your podcast shows. To think you could monetize your podcasts using the platform makes it an ideal place to host and monetize your shows.

Thus, you can monetize your shows through the premium content subscription the audience pays for any content they want to listen to and opt-in advertising that keeps you in control.

If you are on a strict budget then Libsyn is the ideal platform for you. The paid options vary, and the minimum monthly subscription is $5; however, you must know that the storage space and the features you will have access to will vary.

Anchor.FM is great for podcast hosting if you are a beginner

For beginners podcasters looking for the simplest tool to work with, Anchor.FM is an excellent choice.

The software is rated for its simplicity. The user interface is very easy to understand and navigate; no special skills are required to work with it.

All you need to do is download the app, create your account, record your show and distribute it to your audience.

The software has built-in editing and recording features you can tap on to create and fine-tune your rosy audio content. You can monetize your podcasts through the platform by setting up a subscription plan for your content.

Whereby can help you in recording quality podcast episodes

Whereby is one of the simplest recording platforms. No clunky downloads are required; just use your custom link, connect to your browser and spark a conversation with your audience.

Its recording process is but one click on the recording button. The platform has unique features, such as screen sharing, privacy settings, integration with other platforms like YouTube, where you can easily share your video and audio podcast.

The best part? It has a different paid plan that can suit your budget.

Create a powerful podcast show with EditPoint

Sometimes you might get tired of sitting in one position to edit your audio content. Yes, I feel the same most times, but we can’t keep working like that when we have handy software like Endpoint.

EditPoint is one of the best editing software we can work with at any point in time. The app works on Mac and iPhones, so if you are using them, download the app, put on your headset, and stroll around while listening to your audio. If you stomp on any anomaly, timecode the error and correct it when you are with your computer.

Further, its monthly paid plan is as low as $0.99, which beginners with a strict budget can afford.

Concluding Note On the 12 Podcast Tools To Level Up In 2022

The podcasting industry is constantly growing, and for you to blend in, you need to level your podcast shows using the available tools online.

Always remember you mustn’t be adept in the technical field or start paying to use all of these tools because there are free options you can work with.

If you find any value in this post, share also with your friends who might need it. Get Your Free Podcast Checklist.

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