Welcome To my personal page

I am Obehi Ewanfoh. I write and create online training classes on Self-improvement and I live in Verona, Italy

Her name is Ofure, my wife and my best friend

In case you didn’t know, we are both from Uromi, Edo State. We got married in 2017 and we are now blessed with the most beautiful child in the world.  Together we are in our journey.

Books: Being an African and also an immigrant, my books are usually around my African root and most lately about immigrants’ experiences. If you are a writer, you are most certainly on a mission, or so I feel when I write, and I think it’s a rare privilege.

Research Project: Living in Verona, Italy for several years, as an African migrant, I have seen a lot of the different faces of immigrant situations in this part of the world. This is what motivated me to start “The Journey – An African Migration to Northern Italy, 1976 Till Date” and it has been my most rewarding project in my European journey.

A-classes eLearning Project: A-classes first started as an experiment after more than 5 years of research into the presences of Africans in northern Italy, 1976 till date. If you are not a migrant or had any direct dealing with one, you might not necessarily understand the complexity of immigrant lives, and why it is important to consider the human angle of immigration.

Well, the best way to make sense out of the drama is to bring in the migrants themselves and empower them to design or at least contribute in designing the solution to their problems. This is what A-classes eLearning is about, a platform entirely designed for migrants to help themselves, through the acquisition of soft skills and self-improvement.

What we found to be more interesting in the eLearning project is that, it is not designed for migrants to only come and consume, but for them to equally contribute by sharing what they know, so that other migrants can learn from them and pass on the knowledge to others.

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