What is Obehi Podcast?

Obehi Podcast was created in 2019 by Obehi Ewanfoh, a Nigerian content creator in Verona, Italy. Obehi Podcast brings you different experts and community leaders from across the African diaspora.

These different individuals, from business executives, university professors, researchers, coaches, storytellers, and writers all happily share their personal and professional experiences with the larger diaspora community.

Obehi Podcast covers such topics as business, leadership, history, storytelling, content creation, and the relationship between Africa and the rest of the world.

The primary topics in Obehi Podcast

Obehi Podcast covers such topics as business, leadership, history, storytelling, content creation, and the relationship between Africa and the rest of the world.

Learn Storytelling skills

Learn about the power of storytelling. Stories have always been an important part of human culture.

They showcase the world in a different light, let us visualize ourselves within the story and give purpose to change or shift that we may experience inside it.

Today, there are many more platforms where you can explore your storytelling skills. Now, you can also learn from the experiences of expert storytellers and keep sharing your stories with the world.

Content Creation

Do you want to succeed in today’s business world? Then, you must learn how to tap into the secret of content creation.

Content marketing is a powerful tool for business growth. It helps you build trust with your customers and increase customer loyalty.

From the experiences of industry experts, you will learn how the content you create can be the basis of your business’s success.

Online Business Tips

Today, the internet provides a huge opportunity to conduct business without the need of maintaining a physical store.

Online stores also have the advantage of generating revenue without the burden of paying lease fees and having to fund expensive inventory.

To know how to put all these together, you need some skills and knowledge and most importantly you need to hear about the tips and strategies from those who are already doing it.

What is the objective of Obehi Podcast?

The primary objective of Obehi Podcast is to help more members of the African diaspora to share their stories and connect with other members of the diaspora community, irrespective of where they might find themselves.

As a content creator himself, Obehi uses his podcast to help fellow content creators and digital entrepreneurs to leverage the power of storytelling. His intention is that by so doing, these content creators can build their influence and earn more from their works.

The philosophy of Obehi Podcast is that “everyone has a story to share” and we should never leave our stories for other people to tell.

Obehi is also the creator of African Docs and AClasses Academy and he believes so much in continuous learning and income generation in the African diaspora communities. Those are other frequent conversations you will hear about in Obehi Podcast.

Driving those ideas into the hearts and minds of as many members of the African diaspora community as possible is a key objective of Obehi Podcast.

What you can gain in Obehi Podcast

As a member of the African diaspora or anyone who wants to learn about the community, you have a lot to learn in Obehi Podcast. The podcast offers you the opportunity to connect and directly hear from the protagonist who passionately shares their professional and personal experiences in our episodes.

Whether it’s for business connection or for any other reason, Obehi Podcast happily connects you with other members of the African diaspora community.

Where you can listen to the Podcast

Obehi Podcast is available across different platforms where you usually listen to podcasts. Among other places, you can listen at:

A few things about Obehi Ewanfoh, the podcast host

Obehi Ewanfoh is a full-time content creator who loves to create valuable content to inform and educate his audience. His passion is to help other creators and digital entrepreneurs to leverage the power of storytelling so they can earn more and build their influence. He is originally from Uromi, Nigeria and he lives in Verona, Italy with his family.

He is the host of Obehi Podcast where he strongly believes that everyone has a story to share. By everyone, he means everyone and that includes you.

He has always been a curious person before leaving Nigeria for Italy at the age of 24. Upon arriving in Italy in August of 2004, and trying to find his feet on the ground he found himself asking such questions as:

  • Who were the first Africans in the city of Verona where he has lived since then?
  • What have been their experiences away from their home countries in Africa?
  • As an immigrant, himself, and new to the Northern Italian city of Verona, how could he learn from those earlier arrivals?

He could not find any book to read and some of the information he could stumble upon here and there was not satisfactory to him. So, he decided to start asking more questions and talking to different people with the idea of writing the first book about African experiences in the city.

The research would take him more than five years and result in more than two books (The Journey—Africans In Verona and The Colour Of Our Children), in addition to some video documentaries, which were screened in different schools and cultural centers across Northern Italy.

Even then, he was still not fully satisfied because there were no real solutions to the worries of the people, and he was not very sure if he had made any real contributions by asking those many questions.

A little later, exactly on April the 7th 2019, it occurred to him like a deeper message. He was hospitalized then and he was thinking a lot about this project he has been working on for a long time.

This was when he realized that he really needed to do this. Thinking back to when he was much younger in his hometown of Uromi, Nigeria, and the different books he has written, both published and unpublished.

It all came to make sense to him, that he was searching for himself, his own way of contributing to other people and living a life that truly makes sense to him.

He has since come to appreciate this opportunity of service, of helping other people to find what they truly love and to make their own contributions, especially through Storytelling and Content Creation.

Storytelling, you will understand in his three-part book series and training class: Storytelling for Content Creators and Digital Entrepreneurs is a powerful instrument to leverage either for personal use or for business purposes.

As for members of the African diaspora community, the above topic should be highly valuable. As a matter of necessity, we need to learn how to tell our stories and document our passes for those who will be here after us.

This, in fact, is at the very core of what we do at AClasses Academy. It is designed to help you leverage the power of storytelling and content creation, so you can stand out from the crowd and earn more from what you do.

His ultimate mission, through content creation, is to help people, particularly those within the African diaspora community, to transform their human potential into capital so they can better serve themselves and the society they live in.

Latest episodes from Obehi Podcast

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